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goat free roads made me speed

sod this, go read alt.gothic

30 August 1977
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"What's the difference between siani and a hearse?
You can get six men, two coffins, and several hundred flowers in one and it'll still give you a swampy ride, and the other is a hearse."
- Drew/erithromycin

(02:22:47) siani: how sweet, yet monumentally wrong? :D
(02:23:51) aidan: that's you summed up in 5 words

"I know smaller people! They are children, though."

(22:10:02) jezebel: Moosipher: she looks like a lephrechaun?
(22:10:53) Moosipher: jezebel, as long as it was a perverted, emo, cynical, world-weary, alchoholic leprechaun, then yah.

(8:43:05 PM) jezebel: lisa: siani tastes... of anger. and raep. and KITTONS.

(12:11:00 AM) untermensch: siani, n: a device for turning money into tangible insanity and awesome
(12:11:27 AM) untermensch: caveat: NEED MAOR MONEY ALWAYS

(19:51:21) siani: i am a moral ruler
(19:51:25) jezebel: yes
(19:51:32) jezebel: also a paradox
(19:51:35) siani: this is, in itself, quite hilarious
(19:51:46) jezebel: because, whilst you are always Right, you are also always Wrong.

my amazon wishlist
OMFG there are shoes on amazon now!

i'm siani. i am if not the only siani, the One True siani.

i go out with Gib, who is a whole new form of awesome and mad, and live in a little flat in a leafy bit of Glasgow's West end with my flatmate Drew. we have magnetic abuse on our bathroom cabinet and Noodle Henge in our pantry.

i sew stuff for fun, go clubbing too much, and really need a job.
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